Working together


Integrated, x-sectoral cooperation

As ecosystem partners, we support the vision of integrated healthcare and are committed to better coordination of service provision across sector boundaries. We are open to new cooperation and financing models that create the necessary incentives.

Data sharing & privacy

As ecosystem partners, we support the multidisciplinary and interprofessional collaboration of all service providers. We make the relevant health data of the individual patients available to all specialist and professional groups involved after they have given their consent. This facilitates optimised patient care and avoids unnecessary use of resources. In addition to the relevance with regard to health, there is also a focus on the protection of this data. We use the latest technologies and processes to ensure that individual health data is protected.


Compassana identifies the numerous interfaces that arise particularly in the care of patients with chronic diseases as a central area of activity. Within the highly specialised, decentralised healthcare system in Switzerland, coordination between several medical and non-medical actors is challenging from a procedural and regulatory perspective. As a result, the available resources are often not used in an optimal manner. In order to improve this, supply networks are of central importance. The principle of openness promotes better coordination.

‘Digital first’

Whenever possible and expedient, we utilise digital solutions, processes and offers. The motto ‘digital first’ is not an end in itself, instead it is intended to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare.

Acknowledging standards

As ecosystem partners, we define and agree on common standards in terms of technology, processes, data semantics and medicine. These standards ensure that we are speaking the same language and help us promote interoperability, compatibility and collaboration.

Ecosystem surplus

We use our integrated cooperation in the ecosystem to provide all participants with an ecosystem surplus. This is created by means of a higher level of customer loyalty through added value and satisfaction, better results through coordination, faster access to digital services and the definition of standards of care.


An open ecosystem also enables cooperation between potential competitors, thereby creating win-win opportunities. In order to tackle the challenges of the healthcare system, it is important for the helicopter perspective to be taken.


As ecosystem partners, we share relevant information with each other and make data and KPIs that offer added value transparent for the ecosystem. In doing so, we demonstrate openness, build trust and enable the continuous development of the ecosystem.

Focus on the patient

As ecosystem partners, we empower patients through knowledge and information. We provide patients with all relevant health data, information and documents. Whenever possible, we use digital channels, which means that patients can receive all information centrally in one place and without loss of time.