Press release: The LUKS Group aquires a stake in Bluespace Ventures AG

This means that the founders of the Compassana health ecosystem can be expanded to include the expertise, scope, and innovative capacity of Switzerland’s leading hospital group in terms of digital transformation.

Compassana Media Center

01. March 2023

The latest Compassana press release
The latest Compassana press release (Photo: Adobe Stock)

This will enable the further development of comprehensive, integrated care in the Swiss health system.

The shareholder base of Bluespace Ventures AG, which is comprised of founding members Medbase, Hirslanden, Groupe Mutuel, Helsana, and Swica, has been expanded to include the LUKS Group with the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital, Nidwalden Hospital, and the Lucerne High-Altitude Clinic Montana. The signing of the contracts marks the formation of another strong partnership for the further development of Compassana. This ecosystem is open to all stakeholders in the Swiss healthcare market and uses a digital platform to connect patients, service providers and insurers with one another in order to support integrated care and efficient processes. Patients can rely on the assistance of the associated secure app throughout all stages of their treatment.

Pioneering role in digital transformation in the hospital system

With LUKiS, the LUKS Group has at its disposal one of the most powerful clinical information systems in Switzerland, with its own patient-oriented application (MeinLUKS) and an interface for referring physicians (LUKSLink). With its high degree of digitalisation, it plays a pioneering role in the Swiss hospital system. The LUKS Group and Compassana are pursuing shared goals, particularly regarding direct data exchange with the practice information systems used by referral networks. As part of Compassana, the LUKS Group is strengthening its participation in a nationwide investment to respond to existing healthcare challenges in Switzerland. Given the population’s increasing care needs, shortages of skilled workers and capacity shortages, sustainable solutions can only be found with a strong alliance of care partners, and with digital support.

Increasing significance of Compassana in the system

As a non-profit public limited company owned by the Canton of Lucerne, and with the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital as the largest central hospital in Switzerland, plus established regional hospitals, the LUKS Group combines broad medical expertise with regional roots and proximity to patients, doctors, and healthcare professionals. This provides the best conditions for the integrated care processes and patient pathways envisaged by Compassana and enabled by individualised treatment plans and services in both outpatient and inpatient care. The involvement of the LUKS Group will therefore significantly contribute to the success of Compassana and constitutes yet another milestone on the journey towards a data-based, efficient, and sustainable Swiss healthcare system.