Question of the month: How does the Compassana app differ from an insurance app?

Multiple applications, many possible uses. The practical side of things: You can do just about everything using our app, which is designed to be your smart companion.

Joy Weichhart

26. September 2023

Four apps on a green surface.
The Compassana app (left) has key differences from health insurance apps. (Symbolic image: PD)

The Compassana app for patients enables you to organise everything related to your personal health.  Apart from organising your medical data, this also includes having easy access to your health insurance information. That is why you will be able to access the most important details regarding your health insurance directly within the Compassana insurance app.   
I am happy to explain this in a little more detail: Compassana helps you to keep a record of your health professionals, book appointments, save and organise your prescriptions, medical reports, links and pictures. You can then easily share this with your health care professionals as a basis for your treatment through a secure messaging channel directly from the app. You can also have the data at hand in the event of an emergency. This will ensure that you get the best possible medical advice and treatment.   
Are you insured with Groupe Mutuel or Swica? If so, you can upload your insurance card onto the Compassana app. We have also prepared an insurance guide based on your health insurance plan that will point you in the direction of the right people to contact when you are ill. This feature has recently become available to SWICA policyholders and will soon also be accessible to Helsana and Groupe Mutuel clients.  
Once you have entered your basic insurance or set up a Compassana account using your insurer’s single sign-on, you will find all your key insurance data at a glance:  
·      Telemedicine provider depending on insurance plan  
·      Direct link to your insurer’s website  
·      Insurance card number  
·      Contact information and telephone number  
·      Direct link to your insurance app  
However, your insurer is your first port of call when it comes to paying for medical appointments or medication. Compassana enables you to access your insurance app, where you will find the answers to any questions you may have about your policy, payments, annual deductible (franchise) and additional deductible.  
The best thing is that now and in the future you can do all this in a single app, i.e. the Compassana app. The app will then redirect you to the insurance app if your query is of a more insurance-related nature.  
Not insured with SWICA or Groupe Mutuel? No problem. Anyone can use the Compassana services included in the app free of charge