What’s what?

Compassana’s ecosystem, platform and Bluespace Ventures have often been jumbled together. Not anymore.

Peter Mittemeyer

13. June 2023

Elements healthcare system
Compassana: Platform, app, ecosystem and company are not always easy to distinguish. (Photo: Getty)

At panel discussions, in interviews with media representatives or in conversations with service providers – I am continuously asked how exactly our platform, the ecosystem and the company Bluespace Ventures are related to each other. Here are the differences in a nutshell:

The Compassana ecosystem consists of participating service providers, such as pharmacies, laboratories, insurance companies and telemedicine centres. The members of the ecosystem provide medical and health-related services and are paid according to the payment systems in place.

The Compassana platform (Patient App, Compassana Med, Compassana Tech Stack) helps to connect the members of the Compassana ecosystem.

Bluespace Ventures AG (BSV) is the company responsible for developing the ecosystem and the digital platform. The important thing here: Unless stated otherwise, medical and health-related services are provided by the Compassana ecosystem (and not by BSV).