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Compassana app

Your health in one application

Optimal support on your digital health path

Health is precious. We often only realise this when we are suffering physically or emotionally. In precisely these situations, we need sufficient energy for a quick recovery or assistance in dealing with chronic illnesses.

Administrative efforts and a lack of orientation rob us of valuable energy in the sometimes obscure healthcare system. We want to help you: supported by your healthcare professionals, we enable you to organise your health easily and as autonomously as possible with the Compassana app.

Equipped in case of illness

With our app, you can keep track of your treatment pathway. You manage your medical data and activities centrally and securely – and can view them at any time. So you can focus on what really matters: your health.

The Compassana app is currently undergoing extensive testing. It should be available for you from the beginning of 2023.

Compassana app ► Secure, centralised medical data • Digitally connected ✓ Compassana: the digitally supported health ecosystem.

As a patient, you can look forward to these advantages:

Compassana App ► Medizinische Auskunft & Versorgung • Hilfreiche Services ✓ Compassana, das digital unterstützte Gesundheitsökosystem.

Together with our partners, we are engaged in ongoing work behind the scenes to provide you with further helpful services in the app and expand our existing offering. Always with the aim of providing you with the best medical information and care. 

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