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Compassana patient app

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Health information at your fingertips? Simply smart.

Compassana accompanies and supports people with chronic illnesses as well as healthy people who want to be able to navigate the healthcare system better. How do I have to take my medication? Where am I on my treatment path? Which costs are covered by my health insurance? How do I quickly find the relevant people to contact? Often, the answers to these questions aren’t that complicated. At least not with the Compassana app. And although that won’t make you healthy right away, it’ll make sorting out your healthcare easier in the meantime. Plus, your safety as a patient will be better guaranteed in the long term and your data more thoroughly protected. 

Long-term patient safety? Simply smart.

Your healthcare starts with you. And with Compassana. This includes making it easier for you to plan appointments with your doctor, therapist, pharmacy, or hospital. In addition, information about your medication and health data secured by the app are available to you at all times in a transparent format. And it’s about time. This will not only make your everyday life easier, you’ll also be able to arrange the best treatment path with your healthcare providers and health insurance. Easily and securely.

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What does the Compassana app have to offer?

The features and services in the Compassana app are constantly being further developed – this is just the beginning. Compassana will thereby enable you to arrange your treatment path even better in future according to your health needs and in line with the expected level of protection of your health data.

As a patient, you can look forward to these advantages:

Compassana Patienten-App ► Gesundheitsversorgung • Digital • Ortsunabhängig • Rund um die Uhr ✓ Compassana, das digital unterstützte Gesundheitsökosystem.

Clear list of medication

You can simply record your medicines or scan your eMediplan. This means you’ll have your medications and information on how to take them at your fingertips in the app and can see them whenever you need them. Whether at the pharmacy, doctor’s surgery, or in hospital: having medication information readily available can improve patient safety and reduce treatment errors and healthcare costs.
Compassana Patienten-App ► Verwaltung • Termineinsicht • Gesundheitsweg • Medikation ✓ Compassana, das digital unterstützte Gesundheitsökosystem.

Easy access to documents

You can record documents, health data, and information such as doctor’s reports, prescriptions, links, or images, scan them and save them according to category in the app. This means you have access to your health data whenever and wherever you want. When you have an appointment with a specialist, go into hospital, or change doctors, you’ll be perfectly prepared and can access your data at the touch of a button.
Compassana Patienten-App ► Ansprechpartner und Kontakte • Medizin, Therapie oder Rehabilitation ✓ Compassana, das smarte Gesundheitsökosystem.

Relevant contacts

You can find the contacts you need for medicine, therapy, or rehabilitation, save your favourites and connect to your health insurance’s telemedical service via the Compassana app (health insurers currently supported: Groupe Mutuel, Helsana, Swica). So you’re in good company and all set when your health needs it most.
Compassana Patienten-App ► Arztbesuche, Physio- oder Therapiebehandlungen und weitere Gesundheitsservices buchen ✓ Compassana, das smarte Gesundheitsökosystem.

Convenient appointment booking

You can book doctor’s appointments, physio appointments, and other health services digitally from the comfort of your sofa and have a clear overview of all your appointments made online right in the app. This means managing your appointments with different health specialists will no longer feel like an impossible task...
Compassana Patienten-App ► Chronologische Übersicht • Behandlungsweg • Termine, Rechnungen, Dokumente ✓ Compassana, das digital unterstützte Gesundheitsökosystem.

Personal timeline

You have a chronological overview of your appointments, invoices, and documents previously recorded in digital format, and can use these to better navigate your healthcare. This will help you to plan your future treatments and next steps on your treatment path efficiently and better understand the course of your illness.

Coming soon:

Secure communication

You can easily get your health information from your healthcare provider in digital format on your app and keep it safe and organised. Contact your healthcare professionals via the app and keep track of your conversations. This makes communicating and arranging things with your GP practice, pharmacist, therapists, or hospital staff much more simple. The result: efficient care without any gaps in information and better chances of success for your treatment.

Transparent insurance management

You can easily log into the Compassana app with your existing insurance login. Navigate your treatment path in a targeted and transparent way according to your insurance model. Step by step. You’ll be shown your first point of contact for medical matters and options for further consultations. You’ll also have direct access to your telemedicine provider and be able to use these services free of charge.

Thorough data protection? Simply smart.

All your health data in the Compassana app is yours alone and only you decide whom to share it with. No data is shared with health insurers. Above all, we consider data protection to be about safeguarding your «data privacy». This means that only you have access to your user account and can freely dispose of it. The use of the Compassana app is subject to the highest applicable legal requirements and the recommendations according to the current state of the art with regard to information security and data protection.

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