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Services for professionals

Digitally supported services for healthcare professionals

Efficiency and information quality. Simply smart.

In a strong network of healthcare partners, the Compassana ecosystem brings smart services to healthcare professionals via a digital platform. These services improve and simplify everyday clinical practice and support cross-sector, integrated collaboration. This opens up new channels for data-based, efficient healthcare processes and practice administration that avoids gaps in information. Patient safety and quality of treatment are promoted alongside the potential for sustainable development of the Swiss healthcare system.

Services for healthcare professionals

You can access Compassana services from the same digital platform that your patients access through their app. The ecosystem partners are continuously working on new services and concepts, which are made available via regular releases on the Compassana platform. The first services are launching in spring 2023.

What does Compassana enable?

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Integrated healthcare processes

As Compassana ecosystem partners, GP practices, hospitals, pharmacies, home care, and therapy facilities work together across all levels of care and sectors of the healthcare system to provide optimal care for their patients.
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Structured patient data

Via the Compassana digital platform, healthcare professionals – with the consent of their patients – have access to current and relevant treatment data as well as medication lists when they need it.
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Secure communication

A secure communication channel provides you with a direct connection to patients who are actively involved in their treatment path via the powerful Compassana app.
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Future-proof collaboration

Compassana can support new collaboration models between medical providers and insurance companies and ensure data-based, continuous healthcare without any gaps in information.

Why make health complicated when it can be simple? Simply smart. Compassana.

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